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FRIDAY june 7, 2019  9:00 TO 1:30 (4 CEU)

The Daniel Hotel, 10 Water Street, Brunswick, ME

Advances in Brain Science and Psychotherapy:

Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment

kate white, PH.D.

Kate White’s interest in the biological underpinnings of mental illness began during her undergraduate years at Colby College when she developed a fascination with studying emotion using biological methods. She further expanded this interest while earning her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University where she used measures of autonomic nervous system arousal to quantify emotional responding in anxiety disorders. She went on to complete a pre-doctoral internship with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Psychiatry where she expanded her focus to the brain and neuroimaging while assisting on research studies with veterans examining the use of breathing-based interventions in the treatment of PTSD. She then completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison investigating a sleep-based intervention to reduce suicidal ideation in depressed individuals with insomnia that involved further exposure to neuroimaging techniques. Kate accepted a faculty position in the Psychology Department Bates College where she taught advanced undergraduate courses in affective neuroscience and abnormal psychology. After three years of teaching, Kate redirected her focus to clinical work at Psychology Specialists of Maine, where she provides individual and group psychotherapy, supervision, and training.


Interest in the biological basis of mental illness has grown in the past several decades as researchers discover the unique and shared neural markers that characterize the various mental disorders categorized by DSM-5. This research has challenged the categorical approach to diagnosing mental illness and has helped deepen our understanding of the biological mechanisms that contribute to the symptoms we see in clinical practice. Many people believe that these “chemical imbalances” or other neural differences restrict the capacity for change among those with mental illness, or believe that biologically-based interventions such as medications are the only effective treatment. However, research now clearly supports that psychotherapy has a profound and lasting impact on the structure and function of the brain.

In this workshop, attendees will review the current status of biological research on mental illness and psychotherapy by learning the basics of brain structure and function, considering the unique and overlapping neural markers of common mental illnesses (e.g., mood, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, trauma-related, personality, and psychotic disorders), and gaining knowledge about the way psychotherapy and other biologically-based interventions change the brain. Discussion will be oriented toward application and factoring biological findings into case conceptualization and psychoeducation for clients.

Learning Objectives:

After this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the primary biological markers that characterize major mental illnesses.

  2. Evaluate the overlapping and distinct biological features of major mental illnesses and how they challenge our understanding of traditional diagnostic categories.

  3. Describe the ways in which psychotherapy changes the brain by using its natural plasticity and tendency towards adaptation and learning.

  4. Compare and contrast the top-down versus bottom-up effects of psychotherapy and direct biological interventions on the brain.

  5. Educate clients on how the brain is impacted by mental illness and anticipated changes over the course of psychotherapy and other interventions.

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The Daniel Hotel, 10 Water Street, Brunswick, ME

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