We all need help from time to time, to see ourselves more clearly, to improve our relationships, and to live fuller, richer lives.


Welcome to Psychology Specialists of Maine.  Located in Brunswick, Maine - we are a group of experts and specialists who offer comprehensive psychological evaluations and counseling services for adults and couples. 

At Psychology Specialists of Maine, we believe that the therapy process shouldn’t be a mystery. Our psychologists work compassionately and collaboratively with clients to make positive life changes.

We are committed to helping people who want to change hurtful and unhealthy relationship patterns, manage depression and anxiety, and cope with stressful or challenging life events. If you seek support and guidance to manage a difficult situation, or if you’re ready to move forward in a new direction, we invite you to contact us and make an appointment.

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Group Therapy

When choosing a therapist, it matters most that you choose someone with whom you feel comfortable and at ease. We understand the importance of finding the right therapist. In fact, many of our psychologists have contributed to therapy research as professors and scholars. Findings from research show that 57% of improvement from therapy is explained by your comfort and sense of connection with your therapist. We also know that careful collaboration with clients contributes 50% of treatment success. And, we value the critical importance of ongoing assessment, so we track and discuss the progress and changes over time with each client.